I'm a PhD student at the Ruhr-University Bochum - Chair of Continuum Mechanics. (more)

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Oct. 24, 2020

How To: Set Up a Pluto.jl Server for Teaching Purposes

I want to share what my colleague Dennis Ogiermann and me learnt while setting up a server that I’m going to use for a teaching adventure with Julia. I’ll teach exercises in the course “Basics of FEM” for mechanical engineers. The problems The mechanical engineering students have no or little experience with programming (and very likely no experience with a terminal) There is no time to teach them in depth programming, terminal handling, etc.

Mar. 17, 2020

Suckless Software

Suckless software is software that sucks less. We are the home of quality software such as dwm, dmenu, st and plenty of other tools, with a focus on simplicity, clarity and frugality. Our philosophy is about keeping things simple, minimal and usable. We believe this should become the mainstream philosophy in the IT sector. Unfortunately, the tendency for complex, error-prone and slow software seems to be prevalent in the present-day software industry.

Aug. 16, 2019

GSP Juelich

So, I was selected for the GSP in Juelich, therefore I'll be in Juelich for 2 months and enjoying all the benefits of the JSC (including their clusters, e.g. Juwels, Jureca, ...). The first two weeks were dedicated to intensive courses about GPU Programming with CUDA, OpenACC and HIP. In the second week the course covered MPI and OpenMP. On the last day (today), we parallelized a n-body-simulation, which looks like this: So, what happens here?

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